Loop enables the collection, storage and analysis of up to 10 second resolution, real time, energy consumption data. The Loop platform is low cost and flexible, with the ability to connect additional sensors to measure multiple factors in the home environment.

Business Services

Create Unparalleled Consumer Engagement & Loyalty

90% of users interact with Loop every 30 days

The Loop platform is designed to support 100,000’s of installations to meet user demand. Loop is configured to enable partitioning of user groups to ensure data integrity and the ring fencing of client accounts.

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Rapid Development

The Loop road map is very exciting with new connected products and system features under development.


Loop can also provide the following customer integration development services:

  • big-tick

    White labelled user interface

  • big-tick

    Data integration through the Loop API

  • big-tick

    3rd party device integration

Data Analytics

The Loop platform can store and analyse multiple data sets to draw behavioural and property insights, including:

  • Electricty consumption
  • Gas consumption
  • CO2
  • Weather
  • Templerature

User Messaging

Loop can message individual users, a defined group or the whole population as a call to action through:

  • System message
  • App push message
  • Email
Electric demo Gas demo

Technical Information

  • Data is encrypted at the sensor over 868MHz radio using AES 128 bit encryption
  • Data sent to Loop application server encrypted over TCP using AES 128 bit encryption
  • Radio range 100m in open space, 30m in home environment
  • “Over the air” firmware upgrade capability
  • Gateway supports up to 16 end devices
  • 15 year battery design life
  • Remote diagnostics for alarms, signal strength & battery status