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Know what's what in your home. Loop helps you to be more energy efficient and to save money on household bills, making life that little bit easier

Reduce Consumption and Save on your Bills

If you pay household bills, then Loop is designed for you.

Loop Energy Saver uniquely tracks electricity and gas use in your home, so you know in real time what energy you are using an how much it is costing you

Set your energy spend budget and Loop Energy Saver will keep track of it so you stay in control of your bills

Wifi Receiver

Electricity Monitor

Gas Monitor

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Get the Best Deals

Loop Energy Saver automatically tracks your energy consumption against all the best tariffs on the market.

Loop Energy Saver can save you on average £250 a year by automatically tracking your energy consumption against all the best tariffs on the market.

Loop tells you how much you can save based on your actual usage and when to switch so that you are always on a great deal.

Switching through the Loop App is simple – just a couple of clicks and you are all done.

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    No more paying over the odds for your electricity and gas

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    No more time and hard work to understand your energy spend. We are on your side to help you save money on utility bills

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    Hassle free, accurate price comparison and easy switching all calculated on your actual energy usage, putting you in control

We Make It Easy To Install

Access Loop on your PC & Smartphone

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Loop data can be a accessed instantly in personal account login. If you prefer to view your household energy on your smartphone, download the free Loop App for iOS or Android.

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Loop Tech

The Loop tech team are currently working on some exciting new connected home products that will be compatible with Loop Energy Saver to help you save even money on other household bills!

Watch this space for latest news and new product launches.